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Weekend Weight Gain

Hi, I am currently struggling with loosing weight during the week days and then gaining it all back on the weekends. I do well on the weekend until my family goes out to eat for our Sunday brunch. Any tips on how to still be able to attend the brunch but not gain back the weight?

    • Budget your calories for the brunch foods you want to have. Have only a serving of them as opposed to severalsmile Drink water before, during, after your meal. Have a light supper to round out your day.
      Most importantly, enjoy spending time with your family!

    • This was a response to a different post-sorry.
      What are you doing differently on the weekend? Are you eating a lot more because you restricted your calories too much during the week?
      What is your age, height, current weight, and weight goal? How many calories are you eating daily? This info will help us give you better advice on why you gain over the weekend.

    • Ok, Jams is not fully awake! Lol! My advice for brunch with your family is my best advice for how to enjoy brunch and being with your family.