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Feb 01 at 03:40 PM


Gonna start 16:8 or 18:6 intermittent fasting. Likely the latter. It's all that's worked so well!

    • I tried IF: 16:8 for a couple of months a year ago. It wasn't a sustainable dietary approach for me.
      I wish you the best on your health journey!

    • I'm having great short-term results with IF. I started with 16:8 and do 18:6 when able. I also add in a total fast day a day or two a week. My biggest dietary sin is snacking. The IF does help me moderate that. I have been able to lose weight quite fast in the last month. But, to the other posters experience, I'm not sure how to turn this into something sustainable. A couple of months will tell if I can learn to live without snacking.

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      Feb 11 at 03:57 PM

      Yes. I did 16:8 and moved to 18:6. I can't seem to go a day fully without anything though.